The Expedition Akumal coral restoration project is the first of it´s kind in Akumal, therefore our research is unique. Our team of researchers collect data accross sites. We look at the conditions of an underwater site, the colonies of staghorn and elkhor there, and the fragments of these colonies before and after rescue.

Water Quality Research

Coral Reef Research : water quality
Coral Reef Research: Testing water quality to evaluate nursery site viability

Coral Reef Research: testing water quality to evaluate site viability

We collect water quality samples to compare differences in water chemistry throughout the year. In the long run, these changes will demonstrate how local conditions and initiatives to improve water quality are affecting the corals at our sites.


Coral Reef Research

Our data so far has shown that the staghorn fragments are growing faster than we would expect, based on growth rates on average of staghorn in the wild.

Sadly, our donor stand monitoring has shown a decrease in size of the parent colonies at both sites, correlating with an increase in damselfish.


Research sites

Coral Reef Research: Documentation
Coral Reef Research : Our team work hard to collect data on the reefs and discuss the significance of the coral reef research we are undertaking here in Akumal. Our documentation team use state of the art cameras to record our work and to collect data on the corals and the reef 

Our coral reef research helps us to plan our work. We assess potential nursery sites, donor colonies and test out different reef restoration nursery methodologies.

Our sites are easily accessible from the beach and within the new fishing refuge area.

You can come to one of our research sites on a science dive to learn about our coral reef research program. Click here to find out more Join an Expedition


 Check out our 2016 progress report here:

progress report 2016




Get Involved

to f you would like to become involved in our coral reef research program please contact us here

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