Coral Gardening
Coral gardening includes cleaning nursery lines

For those who already have perfected their skills of buoyancy and are looking for a greater challenge. Gain hands on experience at our coral nursery. Use those data collection skills to add to our data base, aid us on a nursery maintenance dive. Work with the team cleaning our structures and monitoring the health of coral fragments.


Coral gardening is not for beginner divers! Open to those who are at Dive Master level or have more than 100 dives within 3 years. Please contact us if you are have any questions about who can take part in the course, or with any special requirements.

Time frame

We offer different packages. There are many skills to learn and we can work on just one of them or several, it is up to you. Coral gardening works in phases. You can get involved at any stage of the process, whether it be nursery installation or outplanting.


How to apply for coral gardening

Get in touch to discuss the Expedition Akumal course options Here, you will need to tell us your dive level of certification and relevant experience. You can combine your training with a stay with us at Hotel Akumal Caribe, and we can include your equipment rental from the Akumal Dive Center for the course duration too.

Discounts available for groups and students.

All money raised through the coral gardenening course is spent on coral restoration. We rely on donations and share out knowledge with you to help us cover the costs of coral restoration.

What Next?

Expedition Akumal is always on the look-out for exceptional divers to come and work on the project as volunteers. Usually we ask that you take part in our Coral Gardening Dives to begin with. Find our more about volunteering with Expediton Akumal here

We have an Internship program, available to those who have relevant experience. The minimum time frame is 1 month. Please send your CV to


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