We occasionally have opportunities for new volunteers to get involved. 

At certain times of year, experienced, professional divers  and snorkelers can apply to our internship program. You must be able to commit to the time requirements and give 100% of your time and focus whilst on site. The work can be challenging, but you will learn a lot and have the chance to make a real difference.

help us not only underwater but also on land. If you have skills in education, administration, social media or anything else that you would like to help us with, we offer opportunities to get involved. It may only be for a few hours a week, but your spare time and expertise can really be a huge help!



“An exciting dive is one where you can see coral propagating and knowing that it’s due to being proactive, acting on an idea, and seeing it through! “

– Laura (founder and volunteer diver)


What kind of volunteers are needed?

At the moment we have openings for the following:

  • Summer program internship 2019 in-water and dry land activities
  • Coral spawning laboratory assistants mainly lab-based position caring for coral larvae in our on-site lab. Be prepared for late nights and getting your hands dirty, bonus: producing thousands of coral babies. 
  • Outreach and education officer (Mexican nationality, bilingual, activities dependent on the volunteer)
  • social media intern e-volunteering opportunity, adds to your CV, great for showing off to prospective employers

If you would like to find out more about volunteering opportunities, please visit our contact page

Please note that all volunteering positions are just that: volunteering! There are no paid positions available at this time.


If you would like to combine your volunteerism with a course on coral reef ecology, mangroves, seagrasses and turtles, getting dive trained, or learning scientific techniques you can do this via the Operation Wallacea scientific expedition programs. You can spend from 2 – 6 weeks on site, training, and getting involved with all of their research programs. This is a great option to get some fieldwork experience and training for high school or first year undergraduates. They also offer 

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